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Beautiful Australian Made Furniture

At Realistic prices!

Entertainment Units

Kyra Entertainment Cabinet Tas Oak All Solid timbers, Dovetailed felt lined drawers

1925w x 610h x 480d Large Choice of stain colours - Made in Melbourne

Custom Toronto entertainment cabinet in Messmate timber 2000w x 510h x 500d

Made to any dimensions and configurations with a large choice of timbers and stain colours

Lucy Lowline Messmate Timbers 1800 x 410d x 570h

Large choice of dimensions, configuratios, timbers and stain colurs

Melba Entertainment cabinet - Push open doors & drawers

Custom made to any dimensions with a large choice of timbers and stain colours.

Aztec Entertainment UnitSolid Tasmanian Oak with a large choice of stain colours.

 1660w x 480d x 610h & 1925w x 480d x 610h.

Matching Coffee Table

Vista "A"  Entertainment cabinet with 4 drawers 3000w x 500h x 500d

Messmate Timber made to any size.

Vista "B"  Entertainment Cabinet Mountain Ash Choice of timbers & custom dimensions

STD sizes 1810w, 2110w & 2400w x 500d x 600h

Capri TV Unit 1925w x 480d x 540h

Tasmanian Oak with a large choice of stain colours



Capri TV unit 1925 x 480 x 540h - Also available 1470 x 480 x 540h


Custom Capri TV Unit 2000w x 670h x 480d


Capri TV Unit 2200 x 480 x 540h Also available 1925 wide


Stained Tasmanian Oak Zenarah Tv Cabinet

3000 x 505h x 530d  Made to any dimension

Progress in the works




Entertainment Cabinet 3000mm wide x 700h x 540d

14 DVD Drawers, 2 Frosted Glass  doors and 2 Adjustable shelves

3000 x 700 x 540d Clear Lacquer

Matching Coffee Table 1500 x 900 x 510h with 12 DVD drawers (6 each side)

and Side/Lamp Table 520 x 520 x 590h


Spotted Gum Entertainment Cabinet 2000w x 690h x 540d

Natural Bark Edge Red Gum TV Unit


 Jarrah TV Unit 2060w x 520h x 540d

Chalet TV unit 3200 x 750h x 530d

Made to any dimensions and configuration.








Aidan TV cabinet

5 sliding doors, 12 concealed DVD drawers

and 3 middle adjustable shelves

2600mm width x 700 high x 560 depth

Ask about our great prices



Linear TV 1120mmW x 560H x 505D




Red Gum Portsea TV Unit 1200w x 500d x 490h

Portsea TV cabinet 1530 x 550d x 490h

Large choice of timbers and stain colours




Zenarrah TV Unit 2000W x 540D x 500H

Custom TV unit 2700w 600h Tas Oak Clear Lacquer




Linear Entertainment Cabinet 1600w x 560h x 510d





Tasmanian Oak Linear Tv Unit 2100 x 560h x 510d LITV012




Linear Entertainment Cabinet 2100 x 560 x 500D

Custom Made Red Gum Tv Cabinet



Arkana Tv Cabinet







Portland TV Unit  Mesmate Timber

1500w x 500d x 350H Also available 1800w & 2100w or custom dimensions

Portland Hall/Sofa table & Coffee Tables

1500 x 400 x 800H Also available in 1800w or custom dimensions




Macedon TV cabinet




Izu Tv Cabinet Custom made to order





Macedon TV Cabinet  with 4 sliding doors Tv 6





Jarrah TV Unit Push open Drawers  3000mm x 500d x 510h





Blackwood Zenarah TV Unit 2000w x 540d 500h          



Zenarah Blackwood TV cabinet 2590w x 650h x 480d made to any size and configurations



Linear Blackwood TV Unit 1600w x 580h x 500d

Made to any size






Blackwood Metro TV Cabinet Tv8    1930mm x 480 x 370










Aspley Blackwood TV Unit 1930x 480 x 540H

Also Available 2200w & 1300w



Aspley Entertainment cabinet 1475w x 480d x 540h


Jarrah Linear TV cabinet 1600w,

Coffee table 1200 x 600 & Lamp table 600 x 600




Jarrah TV Unit 3100w x 560h x 500d TV9



Linear Tv 3100w x 750h 500d with retractable doors



Linear TV 1600w x 750h x 500d



Lenear TV 1800w x 750h x 500d





Custom Made White Painted TV wall unit Dresser

2.4h x 1.4w



 Tv Unit With Towers

Base 2800w x 700h x 530d - Towers 1100h x 520w x 350d



Zenarrah TV Wall Unit 3600mm Wide

tv-wall-unit-zenara-3600wTv 15





Tasm Oak TV cabinet  Clear Lacquer

2500mm wide x 500h x 530d Tv 14


Tv 17



Zenarrah Buffet/TV Cabinet 1600w x 900h x 450d


Jarrah Zenarrah TV Unit 2000w x 540d x 500h

Zenarrah Enertainment Cabinet  2500 x 700h x 530d





Helena Tv table

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Hall Tables


Portland Hall Table Messmate Timber

Jetsen Hall Table Messmate Timber 1220w x 355d x 800h Custom Options

Custom Portsea Hall/Console table Messmate Timber

push open drawers 1530w x 760h x 400d


Red Gum natural edge Hall table with push open drawers


Natural Edge Red Gum Hall Table 2400 x 400 x 800h



Red Gum Hall Table 1500 x 400 x 800h




Red Gum Hall Table 800w x 350d x 780h




Jarrah Hall Stand

Custom Made

Jarrah Sofa/Hall table


Custom X-Ends Hall Table 1000w x 780h x 400d Made to any dimensions

Custom Cross base Blackwood Hall/Sofa/Console Table

Custom Blackwood Hall Table 1500w x 760h x 400d

 Custom Linear Blackwood Hall Table 1500 x 400 x760h


Portsea Hall table

3 drws 1530w x 360d x 760h, 2 drws 1050w x 360d x 760h or custom options.




Custom Hall Table 1500 x 350 x 900h



Red Gum Hall Table HT03







Jarrah Hall/Sofa Table1200 x 780 x400d






Linear Hall Table




Linear Hall Table 1200 x 400 x 760h



Logon Hall table






Natural Bark Edge Hall Table with push open drawers

2200w x 800h x 400d




Hall Stand Custom Made to Order

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Coffee Tables

Bianca 800mm Round 450h Coffee Table Blackwood timbers,

made to any size with a large choice of timbers.


Shian Coffee Table 1800 x 1200

Made to any size

3 Leg Base Coffee Table 1500 x 1500 Choice of custom dimensions and timbers


Jehan Coffee Table Mountain Ash

Portland Nest of tables in Messmate timbers

Mitred  coffee table

Made from Solid Victorian Mountain Ash




Linear Coffee Table & Tv cabinet



Patchwork Top Coffee tables



Custom Coffee table In Blackwood Timber

with push open drawers 1200 x 1200 x 450h

Custom Made Macedon Blackwood Coffee Table 1300 x 700 x 500h



Macedon Coffee Table in rough sawn Tasmanian Oak timber

1350 x 700 x 390h Aslo available in other dimensions



Portsea Coffee Table 1200 x 650 x 380h


Vista Table Messmate Timbers


Otway Round Coffee Table Australian Messmate Timber



Linear Nest of tables Messmate timbers Large choice of custom options

 Linear Nest Of Tables Tas Oak Large choice of stain colours

Messmate Timber Lamp Tablecoffee--lamp-table-arkanaCT03





Linear Coffee Table with 3 drawers

1800 x 900mm



Linear Coffee Table with Drawers and Shelf 1200 x 700 x 450h



 Red Gum Coffee Table 1100 x 1100

with 2 drawers (one on each side)



Red Gum Coffee Table 1200 x 700mm CT05






Marri Timber Coffee Table




 Zenarrh Jarrah Timber Coffee Table CT01

Cross Over Leg Lamp Table - custom made - choice of timbers

Zenarrah Lamp Table CT017


Zeanarrah Coffee Table Tasm Oak Timber Light Teak Stain









Glass top Coffee table 1200 x 800mm



Glass top Lamp Table 550 x 550 x 600h





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